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Wholesale Quickie App

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Key Features

Discover the stand out capabilities of CSS Sales Team app

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Pricing on Product Page

Easily setup and show the retail prices to regular customers and wholesale prices to wholesale customers on your online store’s product pages.


Wholesale Cart

Slide in shopping cart to show wholesale prices without interrupting the browsing experience of wholesalers

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Quick Order Form

With just a few clicks, wholesalers can  place their orders quickly and easily. Save valuable time and effort with our Quick Order Page

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Wholesale only Subscriptions

Provide 30-days, 60-days and 90 days subscription options on your products which will be available only to wholesaler customers


Wholesaler Signup -(On request)

Provide a simple sign-up form to your potential wholesalers to join your network


Quantity Based Pricing

Set tiered prices based on the quantity of products, allowing for bulk pricing options and discounts for larger orders. This makes it easy to offer bulk pricing options to your wholesalers, which can encourage them to purchase more products at once. 




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Wholesale Quickie App

Open the doors to wholesale world with the Wholesale Quickie app. Allow easy sign-up for wholesalers and provide them with discounted prices on your products. Approve or deny sign-up requests based on credibility and set customized pricing for different categories of wholesalers. Offer bulk purchase discounts and provide the option for recurring product subscriptions. With ease, you can expand and streamline your wholesale business


Wholesale Quickie App
Features Playlist

Wholesale Quickie App
App Video_ Wholesale Quickie - Tag Based Pricing

App Video_ Wholesale Quickie - Tag Based Pricing

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WQ Install Quick order form

WQ Install Quick order form

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App video_ Wholesale Quickie_ Quick order form-Sign up form

App video_ Wholesale Quickie_ Quick order form-Sign up form

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Need more features?

We acknowledge the unique structure of each business 
and regularly tailor our app to meet user requirements.

Popular customization of Wholesale Quickie  app

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Add Wholesaler Sign up form

Enable wholesalers to reach out to you and 
request to become a wholesalers

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Track B2B orders of sales reps

Sync Wholesale Quickie with the Sales Team app to incorporate B2B affiliates functionality and efficiently track B2B orders handled  by sales reps

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Customize Quick Order Form

Change the look and feel of Quick Order 
Form as per your store theme.


Client Review

I have to give Kudos to the Dev Team at Wholesale Quickie, at first, they did not have all the functionality for my business model however they agreed to a solution which work for me and was very affordable. They have awesome and responsive customer service and you can even meet with them on a video chat. They will also customize commission structures at a reasonable price.

Healthy Leaf Organics





Enjoy a set of essential features and functionalities, suitable for basic needs and tbudget-conscious users.


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Sales Team

CSS Sales Team app helps to keep track of all orders & commissions. You can set up the most popular commission structures available in the app, or you can request for customized commission structures. Give your sales rep their own dashboard on your shopify front end under your branding, where they can create orders, share affiliate links & discounts coupons, manage customers and view their orders & commissions. CSS Sales Team app can help you to increase customers, revenue & brand value

Shoppable Videos and Reels

Easily upload and display product videos like Youtube shorts & Instagram reels on your storefront by sticky play widget of CSS Shoppable Videos and Reels. Enjoy eye-catching widgets that seamlessly integrate shoppable videos into your store. Enhance user engagement and click-through rates as visitors can make purchases directly through these interactive videos. Plus, it won't affect your page loading speed

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