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Shoppable Videos and Reels

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Key Features

Discover the stand out capabilities of CSS Shoppable Videos and Reels

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64-85% Revenue Growth

Appealing product videos boosts the add to cart events from customer

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Increase in SEO ranking

The dynamic appeal of videos and an enhanced user experience maximize website rankings and assist in optimizing SEO.

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Extended user engagement

Increase customer’s screen time by providing lively shopping experience with shoppable videos

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Enhance brand visibility

Elevate your brand's appeal with our shoppable videos, moving beyond static content to captivate customers and boost your brand's value

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Surge in
Click-Through Rates

Shoppable videos are the best choice for enhancing click-through rates (CTRs). Use interactive elements to promote your products in style.

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Add viral impact

Customers can effortlessly share your product videos with their network, fostering a viral effect for your store


​Why ​Shoppable Videos Important?

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Engaging and Interactive Shopping Experience

Provide customers with an immersive and captivating way to explore products. It keeps users more interested and invested in the products being showcased.


Checkout from videos

Customers can click on items within the video, instantly accessing product details and pricing. This direct link to purchase eliminates friction in the buying process, making it convenient and user-friendly.

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Increases Conversion Rates

The streamlined shopping experience reduces drop-offs and cart abandonment, resulting in a higher percentage of viewers turning into paying customers. This increased conversion rate translates to enhanced revenue for businesses.


About CSS Shoppable Videos and Reels

Easily upload and display product videos like Youtube shorts & Instagram reels on your storefront by sticky play widget of CSS Shoppable Videos and Reels. Enjoy eye-catching widgets that seamlessly integrate shoppable videos into your store. Enhance user engagement and click-through rates as visitors can make purchases directly through these interactive videos. Plus, it won't affect your page loading speed

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Shoppable Videos and Reels App
Features Playlist

Shoppable Videos and Reels App
Add block of stories

Add block of stories

Play Video
Add block of carousal

Add block of carousal

Play Video
App extension of sticky play

App extension of sticky play

Play Video
Enhance engagement and conversions

Showcase your products like reels, tiktoks & shorts to enhance engagement and conversions


Basic Plan



Enjoy a set of essential features and functionalities, suitable for basic needs and tbudget-conscious users.

Advance Plan 



Get access to premium features and advanced tools, designed to meet the demands of growing businesses and power users

More App By CSS

CSS A/B Testing

Make data driven decision to finalise store assets with CSS A/B Testing. With our A/B test, you can confidently optimize your website's elements to maximize user engagement and drive conversions. Create variants of product prices, banners, announcement bars and easily compare their performance metrics to identify the asset that generates the highest click-through rate.. Our intuitive interface makes it simple to set up and manage your A/B tests, so you can focus on improving your marketing strategy.

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CSS Sales Team

CSS Sales Team app helps to keep track of all orders & commissions. You can set up the most popular commission structures available in the app, or you can request for customized commission structures. Give your sales rep their own dashboard on your shopify front end under your branding, where they can create orders, share affiliate links & discounts coupons, manage customers and view their orders & commissions. CSS Sales Team app can help you to increase customers, revenue & brand value

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