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CSS A/B Testing

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Key Features

Discover the stand out capabilities of CSS A/B Testing app

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Product price test

Helps to optimize revenue and conversions by finding the ideal price point for you customers.


Set limits

Test ends automatically once the desired visitor count is reached 


Announcement bar test

A/B testing on announcement bars to measure click-through rates 


Data driven insights

Test results to provides valuable insights into user behaviour and preference 

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Image banners test:

A/B testing on image banners to measure click-through rates 


Supervise user behaviour

Dashboard to monitor real-time analytics and track test progress 


โ€‹Why A/B Testing Important?


Optimized User Experience:

Helps you fine-tune your user experience. 


Improved Conversion Rates:

By identifying the version that converts better, you can make incremental changes that result in higher conversion rates over time, ultimately leading to improved business outcomes. 


Reduced Risk of Change:

Reduces the risk associated with major overhauls, as you can see the impact of each change and roll back if necessary, ensuring a smoother and more controlled optimization process. 


CSS A/B Testing App

Make data driven decision to finalise store assets with CSS A/B Testing. With our A/B test, you can confidently optimize your website's elements to maximize user engagement and drive conversions. Create variants of product prices, banners, announcement bars and easily compare their performance metrics to identify the asset that generates the highest click-through rate.. Our intuitive interface makes it simple to set up and manage your A/B tests, so you can focus on improving your marketing strategy.

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A/B Testing App Feature Playlist

A/B Testing App
What is AB Testing

What is AB Testing

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Creating a Test in CSS A B Testing App ๐ŸŽฅ

Creating a Test in CSS A B Testing App ๐ŸŽฅ

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Creating an Announcement Bar Test

Creating an Announcement Bar Test

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Easy and effortless A/B Testing

Optimize User Experience, Boost Conversions, and Revamp Your Website with Real Data Insights!


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Enjoy a set of essential features and functionalities, suitable for basic needs and tbudget-conscious users.

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Shoppable Videos and Reels

Easily upload and display product videos like Youtube shorts & Instagram reels on your storefront by sticky play widget of CSS Shoppable Videos and Reels. Enjoy eye-catching widgets that seamlessly integrate shoppable videos into your store. Enhance user engagement and click-through rates as visitors can make purchases directly through these interactive videos. Plus, it won't affect your page loading speed

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